Poetry Slam Aftermath

The crumpled paper voting-shapes have been swept away (carrots and magnifying glasses for Birmingham and Edinburgh respectively – a tenuous but endearing nod to ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’; surely the best model for any competitive arts event). The bar furniture has been put back to normal. And guest poet Stan Skinny has taken his iPad and lukewarm one-liners home to Sheffield.

He was comprehensively beaten in a sacrificial warm-up round by a charming James Grady, whose poem about renting a room above a notorious fast-food outlet won the audience’s appreciation. After all, who wouldn’t be won over by verse about Rooster House?!

Thursday March 22nd saw a packed house at the Bristol Pear for the Slam vs. Edinburgh, with the Brum team of Elisha Owen, Jack Blume, Eva Hibbs and Ben Norris taking the win by 6 points to 2.

Thanks to the all the poets, the Brum and the Burgh; to everyone that read, everyone that came, everyone that listened and everyone that cared.


Videos and reviews to come. Keep your ears to the ground.

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