New website! and Hitchhiker’s in Australia!

Hello! It’s been ages since I posted anything here, huge apologies. That’s because I’ve been building a new website, which is finally done and ready to be released into the wild…

This means I’ll no longer be using this website and will take it down entirely in about a month’s time. So please follow me over to the new site, where any new videos and projects I’m involved in will be uploaded. The new site doesn’t have a blog/news element because I wanted to keep it as simple and clutter-free as possible, but if you’d like more regular updates about my work then you can always follow me on Twitter and on Facebook.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Family website continues to exist, and the news there is that the show is going to Adelaide Fringe Festival in February and March of next year, where it will play at Holden Street Theatre at 3pm every weekend throughout the festival. Tickets can be booked here.

So that’s that. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, and here’s to 2018. I hope it’s kind and full of joy and opportunity for everyone.



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